Happy Together for the Next 50 Years

“My husband and I started to see Lauren to ensure our marriage started on the right foot as it is a second marriage for both of us. We had worked with two counselors prior to meeting Lauren and had not felt that either gave us the tools or insight to make an impact. We both felt differently after our first meeting with Lauren, however. She spelled out very clearly the beliefs of Gottman and how following his insights and practices would help our marriage in the long run. Instead of feeling like we simply had a referee to intercede in our disagreements, we felt as if we were working with someone who had legitimate tools we could put into play to ensure the success of our marriage.

We are given specific, simple to follow instructions for between session work – things like spending 30 minutes together each day not discussing work, or stopping every time we felt the need to check off who had done more around the house. We started basic and have been able to move into more detailed areas, including child care and intimacy. Our long term goal is to get into love languages: once we get to those we know we will have conquered the toxic pieces of our relationship. While we have not always found working on our marriage to be an easy or pleasant process (digging up painful emotions and anger) we have always felt that we were on the right track to making our marriage not only successful, but better than most. We are being given the insight and tools to be happy together for the next 50 years.”

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