I’m Able to Participate in my Life

“When I first came to counseling, I didn’t know what to expect. Lauren made it very easy for me to feel comfortable from the start. It was a nice place for me to air out anything difficult that was goingon in my life. This has included family stresses and my feelings of anxiety and sadness. Many times, Lauren offered alternative views of situations that I was struggling with. Looking at things from a different perspective helped the situations to feel more manageable. She does this with patience and compassion, and I never felt judged.

I was surprised that the counseling sessions were fun and we laughed at lot! This really helped me to feel at-ease. Additionally, Lauren helped me to learn how my thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are related. I am now able to catch myself in “negative thinking” and stop it in its tracks!! I am so glad that I made the decision to seek counseling and work with Lauren. My moods are more consistent and I am able to participate in my life more fully. I have been able to complete my degree, make career plans, and improve many relationships in my life. I have learned so much and would recommend Lauren as a counselor to anyone looking for counseling services.”

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