We’ve Come a Long Way

“When we decided to seek out couples counseling, my husband and I did not know how to fix our marriage. An issue from early on in our relationship had spiraled out of control and over shadowed every aspect of our marriage. We did not know how to move past it. It caused countless fights and arguments and we could never hear each other. It was taking a physical and emotional strain on our entire family. I literally felt sick over it. I had begun to bring up separation divorce, although I never wanted it to come to that. I didn’t know how we would ever move past the words that had been said.

With reluctance, I scheduled a session. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised with how our experience went with Lauren as our counselor. Lauren was able to walk us through Gottman’s principles and ideas in a way we could apply and understand them. There were times that we became overwhelmed, but Lauren helped us to take a step back and process what had gone wrong. We practiced the skills Lauren talked about during sessions and brought things back to her that we weren’t able to move through on our own. Now, my husband and I are much better at calmly talking things through without defensiveness. We can now focus on enjoying our time with our daughters and make the most of the days. We have come such a long way, thanks to our sessions with Lauren.”

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