I Am So Thankful For What Lauren Has Taught Us

“As hard as it was, I am so glad we contacted Polaris and have been able to work with Lauren Hanninen on our relationship with our daughter. The adolescent years have been very difficult for us as a family to work through. This began when my daughter started melting down at school and failing many of her classes. We tried working with only the school staff but, at one point, it was clear that my daughter needed more support. My daughter was not looking forward to coming to counseling, but many of her worries eased when we met Lauren. She felt respected and her time with Lauren has been something that she looks forward to. Having a neutral person to air things out with has helped my daughter work through so many of her worries and frustrations. Lauren has helped her learn many new coping skills and ways of thinking about different challenges. In addition, it has been so helpful for my husband and I to learn about different ways to communicate with our daughter and respond to some of her behaviors. What used to seem insurmountable has become much clearer. We have a structure and understanding to fall back on when things become too tense or strained. I am so thankful for what Lauren has taught us!! I know that there will be many more stresses ahead, but I plan on using all the helpful tools Lauren has passed along to us as needed.”

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