Kelly Receives An A+ In Our Book

Words cannot express how much Kelly has assisted our family! I am not sure where we would be without Kelly. My daughter had been seeing Kelly for couple of years off and on. She was adopted since birth but around the age of 5 she starting exhibiting displays of anger especially in school which led to a couple of suspensions. Kelly was able to tap into my daughter’s creative side by coming up with games and different art activities and that they could do together and we could also do at home as a family. At the end of their session, she was able to print off little coloring pages to take home since she worked so hard during therapy. Kelly made their sessions fun, fresh and exciting! It never seemed like a chore to see Kelly but more like a reward!

My daughter at first was distrustful of Kelly, but Kelly did not take that personally and she was able to gain her trust. Kelly was so accommodating to my work schedule which I really appreciated as well. Kelly was not afraid to try new and exciting things to reach her. In a less than a year or so with Kelly’s help, she was able to become a more happy and well-adjusted little girl. Her grades went up and now she has a lot of good friends and is constantly being invited to sleepovers which was not happening before. Kelly has also kept me in the loop as a parent without betraying my daughter’s trust. I really appreciated Kelly’s suggestions and her willingness to give her time and a friendly ear to our family.

In the past 6 months due to a divorce in the family, I sought out Kelly’s help once again. She was able to get my daughter right in for a tune up! My daughter loves Kelly so much and really looked forward to their sessions together. Kelly is not afraid to network and think outside the box when it comes to helping her clients. Although we are former clients of Kelly, we consider her a friend of the family. We would not hesitate to recommend Kelly as a trusted advisor and therapist. Kelly receives an A+ in our book.

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