A Good Friend

“During our first year of marriage, my wife and I experienced marital challenges that led us to call Polaris. I was quite nervous making the call. I had never imagined myself as a person to share my thoughts and feelings with a complete stranger. Those feelings quickly changed when I spoke with James. In the initial phone call, I felt like I was speaking with a life long friend.

In our first meeting with James, he made my wife and I feel so comfortable. Over time, he showed us things we didn’t see in our relationship or perhaps did see but did not want to acknowledge. Ultimately, it was our job to make our marriage work. But, it was James who gave us the foundation and tools to grow as a couple and succeed.

As a couple, we have shared good times and bad. Before it was difficult for us to move past the bad and look to the good. Now, we utilize the teachings and tools taught to us by James. We find ourselves going to bed happy and thankful instead of frustrated and angry.

In April, of last year, we expanded our family by welcoming a son. He is a gift from God that we have waited for a long time. We have many blessings in our family and in each other!

Today, we carry with us the understanding that marriage is more than just saying, “I love you!” James showed us how important we are to each other and how sacred the bond between a husband and wife is. We thank him for all of his help, his kindness and his compassion. We know James played the role of counselor in our lives, but we will always consider him to be a good friend!”

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