Teen Counseling

Let’s face it – raising a teenager can be tough! As parents, after hours of fighting, being disrespected and dealing with issues ranging from poor grades to stealing alcohol or skipping school, we are often left wondering what happened to our once happy-go-lucky, energetic and polite child. For the most part, teens are just trying to exercise some independence and autonomy, which is a healthy part of adolescent development. As parents we need to ride the storm, be effective disciplinarians and help guide our teen in the right direction. However, sometimes the issues can be more severe and long-lasting. These more serious issues can have a profound negative impact your teenager’s life and ongoing development. That’s where we come in.

At Polaris Counseling we understand the very specific challenges parents face in raising teens with a variety of different issues. Our teen counseling sessions get to the heart of the problem. In teen counseling, we work directly with your child in helping them identify the root cause of their behaviors and then develop a plan to change them. We don’t stop there. In order for teen counseling to be effective, it is critical to work with the entire support system to overcome the issues at hand. That is why our counselors will work directly with you, the parents, as well as the school counselors, social workers and teachers to ensure a fully comprehensive treatment approach that gives us the best chance of getting your teen back on track!

Specific areas of child counseling:


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