Substance Abuse

Substances that can be abused include, but are not limited to, inhalants, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs. You may have begun to use the drug or substance because it made you feel good. You may have also begun using a prescription drug as part of recovery therapy after an illness or injury and become addicted. Either way the addiction is there.

The signs of substance abuse are not always readily apparent. You may not think that you have a problem. Some signs that you or a loved one may have a problem with substance abuse are:

  • Use of substances is getting you into legal problems
  • Use is causing problems in your relationships, both personal and business
  • Use is causing you to neglect your role responsibilities
  • You are engaging in increasingly riskier behaviors to take drugs, or engaging in risky behavior while you are high

Once you contact us for help we will begin by analyzing the causes of your addiction. After we have identified the cause of your problem our addiction counselors will utilize cognitive behavior therapy and other methods to help you to identify the situations and thought patterns that led you to turn to drugs and other substances for comfort.

Through our addiction counseling we will work with you to reframe your thoughts and develop coping skills to help you deal with day-to-day issues, overcome your addiction and stay on the road to complete, long-term abstinence from your addiction.