About Polaris Counseling

Welcome to Polaris Counseling! We are a group practice consisting of fully licensed counselors and social workers. Our mission is to provide high quality counseling services to individuals, couples and families in a professional, non-judgmental, supportive and friendly environment at an affordable cost to you.

Incorporated in 2005, Polaris started out as a consulting agency specializing in helping parents secure federal and state funding for their children struggling with severe mental health issues and developmental disabilities. The necessity for a more holistic approach to our services soon became evident and we began to provide ongoing counseling support to our clients to supplement our consulting and advocacy services. By the beginning of 2006, the demand for our counseling services increased dramatically and we slowly phased out our consulting services and became solely a counseling based practice.

Since then we have helped thousands of clients reach their treatment goals! We strive to make every client feel welcome, respected and safe while in treatment with us and give one hundred and ten percent of our energy in helping you navigate your way through treatment successfully. Our compassionate, hardworking approach to counseling has become our trademark.

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