Child Counseling

Raising a child can be challenging! As parents, we experience a broad range of emotions when parenting our children – these can be anything from elation, pride and joy to anger, frustration and outright bafflement. Parenting is like being on a roller-coaster, there are plenty of highs and lows and no way of getting off until the end! As parents, we all understand and accept that with patience, good discipline and consistency, those difficult moments or phases will pass and will serve as an important learning opportunity for our children moving forward. Sometimes, however, those phases seem to have no end, and our children get stuck in a pattern of destructive behaviors, poor academic performance or low self-esteem. That’s where we come in.

At Polaris Counseling we understand the very unique challenges parents face in raising a child with a variety of different issues. Our child counseling sessions get to the core of the problem. In child counseling, we work closely with your child to identify the root cause of their behaviors and then develop a plan to change them. We don’t stop there. In order for child counseling to be effective, it is important that we work with your child’s entire support system to manage the issues at hand. That is why our counselors will work directly with you, the parents, as well as the school counselors, social workers and teachers to ensure a fully comprehensive treatment approach that gives us the best chance of getting your child back on track!

Specific areas of child counseling:


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