Christian Counseling

At Polaris, we understand how important it is for you to be counseled in a Christian setting that works with your beliefs and values.  As our client, you have the option of working with one of our trained Christian counseling professionals.

We recognize that professional research, medical intervention, and particular therapeutic methods are of value to the counseling process. Our Christian counselors carefully utilize these insights as they are in harmony with the foundational teachings of the Bible.

Our values through the Christian counseling process are:

  • Providing services based on Biblical truths and ethics.
  • Utilizing our God-given gifts of love, understanding, encouragement, teaching, healing, knowledge, helping, and wisdom.
  • Encouraging people to understand that seeking counseling is not a weakness, but evidence that they put faith in God to work in their life.
  • Helping to guide those seeking God’s truth and wisdom.
  • Developing and honing our gifts with scientific knowledge and the professional skills of evaluation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic intervention.

We understand your beliefs, and will work to make sure that the methods of treatment that we use are in keeping with the teachings of the Bible.