Gambling Addiction

We know what you are feeling. You want to stop gambling, but you just need one more, big win to make up for your losses. You are embarrassed about losing your monthly living expenses and do not know how to explain it to your loved ones. What first started as an escape from your problems, has become a problem in itself. Our counselors at Polaris are here to help you with your gambling problem.

The first step in treatment for a gambling addiction, otherwise known as compulsive gambling, is to admit that you have a problem.

Some symptoms of a gambling addiction can be:

  • A preoccupation with gambling
  • An escalation in gambling activity
  • Inability to stop gambling
  • Using gambling as an escape from problems
  • Trying to win back lost money by gambling more
  • Lying about gambling to family and friends
  • Alienating family and friends

Our trained counselors will work with you, using cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) along with other treatments to help you recognize the thought patterns that lead you to gamble. Through therapy, you will learn how to reframe your thoughts and break the pattern of compulsive gambling.