Family Counseling

At Polaris, we understand the uniqueness of each family, and that of each family member that we work with. Through family therapy, we work with you to develop better communication skills, more effective and consistent discipline, and better boundary setting.  We will also help you to understand the behaviors of your children and how to foster more positive behaviors and interact with them in a more productive and effective manner.


When parents divorce, it does not mean that parenting together is over.  It is important for divorced couples, or those no longer in a relationship, to learn to work together and communicate for the good of their children.  This involves agreeing on house rules and punishments.  We will work with you and your estranged partner to develop a successful co-parenting relationship.

Blended Families

Along with the increase in divorce rates, there has also been an increase in blended families.  As divorced individuals re-marry, they are often combining their children together under one roof.  This can cause confusion with rules and the disciplining of each other’s children. During counseling, we will help you develop and put into action a plan that merges the values and beliefs of both families so that you can live and function together more effectively.