Here are some useful resources that you can access for free! Take a few minutes to explore our archived self-help articles, stay connected with our latest news and information on current events, seminars and workshops, browse our recommended readings, check out some helpful links in our community, and review our Therapy Survival Guide!

Articles & Advice

Check out our founder’s “Five Ways” articles! They cover a broad range of clinical topics for individuals, couples and families alike. Feel free to use our articles as stand alone advice (for a little nudge in the right direction), to tweet or Facebook a friend or family member that might need some guidance and advice, or as a tool to supplement your treatment. If you have some feedback, we encourage you to post it on our article blogs. We would love to hear your thoughts!

News & Updates

Follow the latest “goings-on” at Polaris! Find out where our next workshop or seminar is being held, if any new staff have joined the team, or track recent milestones achieved… and more!

Counseling Survival Guide

Are you are trying to decide if counseling is for you? Have you scheduled your first session and want to know how to get the most out of treatment? Take a look at our survival guide! It will help you get a better understanding of what to expect in counseling and provides a blueprint for an easier and more rewarding experience.

Form Downloads

Download all of the forms necessary for your appointment here. This way, you can come into your session focused on the treatment – not the paperwork!

Recommended Readings

Although self-help books will not solve most problems alone, they can be a useful support to counseling. Many clients feel a greater sense of control, hope and empowerment when they are engaged in some directed reading outside of treatment. Here are some of our suggestions to help you on your way! Each of our counselors has their own list of books that will help you to grow personally.

Helpful Links

Learn about other services, groups and associations in the local community and around the country that might help you on your journey!