Seeing James Was The Best Decision

“We started couples counseling a few months ago when we discovered we had some “small” and “big” issues that we could not sort out ourselves. We were too involved in our own lives that we started to lead parallel lives. While leading separate lives but living under the same roof, problems started to occur. We were going about our own business and spending less and less time with each other. During this time my husband ended up having an affair with another woman. I thought our marriage was over and unfixable. I was devastated and hurt beyond belief. One side of my heart wanted nothing to do with him, but the other side still loved him and thought maybe this could work? I knew I wouldn’t have married someone that would do this to me. At this point we decided to start seeing James.

We never went to therapy before. The perception I had was that you speak to someone smoking a pipe in the corner, they just listen and when the hour is up you write them a check. This was not the case with James. Immediately he got involved and asked questions, there was a lot of interaction. I felt better after just the first visit. We continued to go alone and together throughout the week. Communication between my husband and myself increased significantly. We were working through the problems. We started to notice that the “big” issues were all symptoms from the “small” issues that we ignored. We were starting to resolve things. We noticed a difference in each other as the weeks went on. James taught us different techniques to be working on at home to help us get through our crisis. My devastation was starting to diminish, we were communicating again. We were starting to feel like a happily married couple. The pain from the crisis was going away!

Our experience with James was life changing for both of us. The break-through we made was unbelievable. Feelings surfaced that we hadn’t felt for each other in a long time. We couldn’t have repaired our marriage without his help. We believe that no matter how good a relationship is, it can always be better, and both of us want to continue to grow not just as two individuals, but as a couple and as a family. Seeing James was the best decision we made for our relationship and ourselves.”

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