I Wish Marjorie Had Come Into My Life Sooner

“Marjorie came into my life during a time of severe depression and hopelessness. To say I was close to the end would not at all be over stating it. Through Marjorie I have been able to face and develop coping skills that allow me to face the things in my life that were out of control. Marjorie has always been non-judgmental, and has displayed an empathy for my situation even though our lives are probably totally different. Despite the fact she is many years my junior, she has been able to keep me on track and focused on goals. I wish that she had come into my life sooner. My closest friends have noticed how much I have changed during the time I have been with Marjorie, less maniac and wacked. In many, many ways I was self-destructive and Marjorie has enable me to recognize these behaviors and has helped me develop coping skills that prevent me from falling down the rabbit hole. Marjorie has at all times has taken in account actual health conditions that could and do affect my therapy times and goals. Marjorie has given me a look at my future that shows me a strong, healthy women. During a time when joy was just a word and my goal was to just wake up each day, Marjorie was able to show me that I was allowed to be here, that I have a purpose and a promise in life. And even though my need for therapy with Marjorie has not ended, we do explore extending my boundaries in self- care and ways of coping with the unfortunate mental cases in my life that I can’t avoid.”

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