Carmen Saved Us

“Carmen saved us. That may sound extreme, but when I think back to the first day I walked into her office with my daughter, I marvel at how she helped us! That first visit was 12 years ago. Since then she helped my other two daughters as well. She is caring and thoughtful and her […]

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A Gift on My Road to a Happier Healthier Life

“Marj has made a difference in my life. She has been an empathic listener, a cheerleader, a self-esteem boost, insightful and a reflective sounding board during my journey in therapy. She has helped me in a spiritual manner as well, reinforcing and reconnecting my life and my relationship with God – not many therapists are […]

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A Guiding Light

“I met Marj as an apathetic teenager experiencing severe depression and having regular suicidal thoughts. I was battling dangerous bouts of self-harm and feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. Marj helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and challenged me to face my depression head-on by committing to regular therapy sessions, group therapy, and activities such […]

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Instrumental in Assisting Me In Overcoming a Traumatic Life Change

“Marj has been my therapist/counselor for over a year and she has been instrumental in assisting me in overcoming a traumatic life change that occurred just after starting therapy. She is extremely professional and had my best interests in mind. She was focused on meeting my specific needs and I never felt like just another […]

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I Wish Marjorie Had Come Into My Life Sooner

“Marjorie came into my life during a time of severe depression and hopelessness. To say I was close to the end would not at all be over stating it. Through Marjorie I have been able to face and develop coping skills that allow me to face the things in my life that were out of […]

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She Was Very Easy To Talk To And She Never Judged Me

“I was very hesitant to go to just anybody for marriage counseling especially when there are so many choices out there. It was something my husband and I definitely needed so I was willing to take a chance. When searching online at different therapists, one thing that led me to Polaris was the evening and […]

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Elizabeth Truly Listens

“Prior to meeting Elizabeth, I had tried a couple of therapists. She is the first one with whom I have truly made a connection. Our sessions allow me to be open and not feel judged or ashamed, and I feel as if Elizabeth truly listens, not just talks at me. I quickly learned that it […]

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She Was The Angel I Needed

“I was recommended to see Elizabeth in June 2012 after going to the clinic for anti-anxiety medicine. It was clear to myself and the doctors that I needed therapy. I went to Elizabeth mainly to deal with my anxiety issues. It was affecting my work, personal relationship and my social interactions. I wanted to be […]

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Mandy Was Able To Help Me When Others Weren’t

“Mandy Semenik was able to help me when others weren’t. I found myself in a bad work environment with horrific hours. I wasn’t able to do the things I liked to do, or spend time with anyone because my work schedule was so bad. It really started to affect me. What made things worse was […]

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Mandy Is A Wonderful Counselor

“Mandy is a wonderful counselor. She is very comfortable to talk with and is an amazing listener. She helped steer my teenage son and I more towards goals (short and long term) that would help us get to places we want and need to be, instead of letting us focus on all the things that […]

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