Our Evolution to Polaris Counseling

In May 2005, Polaris Counseling, (formally known as Human Services Consulting Group) was incorporated. We started out as a consulting and advocacy group that assisted families in securing  federal and state funding for a loved one that was struggling with severe mental health issues and developmental disabilities.

Although an important and beneficial service to many of our clients, we were limited in the scope of services we could provide. Many of which, our client’s desperately needed. As a result, we introduced our counseling services as a necessary support to our families to supplement our advocacy work.

Our counseling services quickly took off! In addition to working with our families, we started seeing couples and individuals struggling with depressio, anxiety, addictions and anger management issues. The face of our practice was starting to change.

By the beginning of 2006 the demand for our counseling services far exceeded that of our consultation services and we began to phase out our advocacy work. Four years later (better late than never!) we began our re-branding process.

In March 2011, we changed our name to Polaris Counseling! Polaris is the current North Star and symbolizes hope, reliability, guidance and direction. These are all powerful messages we wish to convey to our clients, both at the onset of treatment and throughout the counseling process. We also re-built our website to reflect the evolution of the practice and the changes in our services.

Polaris Counseling has arrived and we are proud to continue to serve our community in providing the highest quality counseling services at an affordable cost to you!

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