Couples Counseling

Many couples confront difficult decisions about whether they need counseling during their relationships. Polaris Counseling understands the strength and commitment required to seek professional support for relationship problems.

We provide thorough and caring couples counseling for Oswego (IL), Montgomery (IL) and Plainfield (IL). In our comfortable, private therapy setting, couples receive confidential, non-judgmental support and guidance from fully licensed counselors at a reasonable cost.

Couples Counseling for Oswego (IL), Montgomery (IL), Plainfield (IL)
The Power to Heal and Grow

In truth, marriages and relationships can be difficult, even when intentions are good. You and your partner might be arguing a lot. A bond of trust might have been broken. Maybe you’re struggling with poor communication, or addiction. Whatever the case might be, know you have access to help, healing and growth with professional couples counseling.

We will strive to establish a neutral, bias-free atmosphere where both you and your partner feel at ease to approach a solution. We want to help you rediscover and enjoy the healthy connection you once had so you feel happier and more stable again as a couple.

Couples Counseling for Plainfield (IL), Oswego (IL), Montgomery (IL)
The Skills to Come Together

Our couples counseling for Plainfield, Oswego and Montgomery provides you with the mental and emotional tools for re-establishing a meaningful bond with your partner. You will understand how to communicate with your partner more effectively and learn how to resolve both past and current issues.

In the end, with a common commitment, you and your partner will become more effective in respecting each other’s thoughts and feelings and in meeting each other’s needs. Equally important, you will learn how to eliminate those destructive behaviors that prevent it from being the loving and fulfilling relationship you know it could be.

Your quality of life is important to us. If you have trouble in your relationship, we are here to help you fix it. For professional couples counseling for Montgomery (IL), Oswego (IL) and Plainfield (IL), please contact us at (630) 779-0751.

Day, evening and weekend sessions are available. Most major insurance plans are accepted.