Christian Counseling

If you are a person of faith, Polaris Counseling knows how important it is to you to receive Christian counseling from a Christian therapist who shares your beliefs and values. We offer people from Aurora, West Chicago and Bolingbrook, IL, a Christian counseling center in a setting with professionals who make you feel at ease as you look to manage life’s challenges.

A Balanced Approach: Christian Counseling Services for Aurora, West Chicago, Bolingbrook

Our Christian therapists offer comprehensive counseling for mental, emotional and spiritual clarity, strength and healing. We recognize that professional research, medical intervention and therapeutic methods are of value to the counseling process. We also carefully apply these insights in ways that align with the Bible’s foundational teachings.

At Polaris Counseling, we see you as:

  • a physical person with bodily needs
  • a social being with relationship needs
  • a thinking person with cognitive needs
  • a spiritual being with a need for God’s Holy Spirit

Our Christian counseling approaches and guides you within each of these vital dimensions.

Our values as expressed through our Christian counseling include:

  • providing Christian counseling services based on Biblical ethics and truth
  • utilizing our God-given gifts of love, understanding, helping, teaching and wisdom
  • encouraging people to see counseling not a weakness, but as evidence of their faith in God’s work in their lives
  • refining our gifts with scientific knowledge and the professional skills of evaluation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic intervention

Led by God’s Word: Christian Counseling for Aurora, West Chicago, Bolingbrook

We understand the Bible’s role in living with love, light and hope as directed by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Whether you or someone you care about is facing anxiety, anger, depression, addiction, or family or marital strife, we will merge the best of what science and study have to offer with the power of the Bible.

Regardless of your age, background or circumstances, you have access to professional and confidential Christian counseling from fully licensed Christian therapists at a reasonable cost. We specialize in working with couples, children/adolescents and families.

Polaris Counseling accepts most major insurance plans, and our schedule adapts to yours with day, evening and weekend sessions.

Answers, peace and balance inspired by God’s wisdom and love are available to you. To find out more about our Christian counseling center for Aurora, West Chicago and Bolingbrook, contact us today at (630) 779-0751.

Polaris Counseling also offers Christian counseling in Spanish.