Christian Counseling

If you are a person of faith, Polaris Counseling understands how important it is for you to receive counseling in a Christian setting that represents your beliefs and values. We provide thorough, caring and attentive Christian counseling for Wheaton (IL), Aurora (IL) and Naperville (IL).

As our Christian counseling client, you will have the choice of working with one of our Christian counseling professionals.

Christian Counseling for Aurora (IL), Wheaton (IL) and Naperville (IL)

We recognize the importance of professional research, medical intervention and particular therapeutic methods to the Christian counseling process. Our Christian counselors carefully apply these areas based on how they correspond to the Bible’s foundational teachings.

Our values as expressed through Christian counseling for Wheaton, Aurora and Naperville include providing services according to Biblical truths and ethics; utilizing our God-given gifts of love, understanding, teaching, healing, knowledge, helping and wisdom; and encouraging others to understand that seeking counseling is not a weakness, but rather evidence of placing faith in God to work in their lives.

Christian Counseling Inspired by God’s Word: Naperville (IL), Wheaton (IL), Aurora (IL)

During Christian counseling, we help to guide those who are seeking God’s truth and wisdom. We achieve this by developing and focusing our gifts with scientific knowledge, professional evaluation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic intervention.

We know and respect your beliefs as a Christian. We will work hard to ensure that methods of treatment observe the Biblical teachings of great meaning to you.

Regardless of your age, background or circumstances, we are committed to providing professional, confidential Christian guidance and counseling at an affordable cost to you. Please contact us at (630) 779-0751 for more information about our Christian counseling for Naperville (IL), Wheaton (IL) and Aurora (IL).

Polaris Counseling also offers counseling in Spanish.