Sex Counseling

Sex is a normal and healthy part of the human experience. However, sometimes it can become an obsession masking deeper issues.

A sex addiction is not simply about needing sex all of the time. It is an enslaving compulsion that can affect everyone close to you.

Like all addictions, a sex addiction starts as an escape from another problem. Someone struggling with a sex addiction pursues their pleasure secretly at first, but as the compulsion develops and intensifies, the behaviors often increase in risk. The addict also becomes less cautious or concerned about others finding out. Over time, their behaviors become more destructive to both themselves and their loved ones.

Polaris Counseling provides specialized sex counseling for the Naperville (IL), Aurora (IL) and Wheaton (IL) areas.

Sex Counseling for Wheaton (lL), Naperville (IL), Aurora (IL):
The Different Types of Sex Addiction

An addiction to sex can include, among other behaviors:

  • repeated affairs
  • compulsive masturbation
  • preoccupation with pornography
  • having unsafe sex
  • Internet/phone sex
  • use of prostitutes
  • having multiple sex partners
  • paraphilias and fetishes

Sex addiction is different from other addictions in that the goal of therapy is not to have you abstain from sex, but rather to guide you back to a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

Sex Counseling for Aurora (IL), Naperville (IL), Wheaton (IL):
The Tools to Break the Addiction

At Polaris Counseling, our addiction counselors are trained to help you break free from your addiction. Among other techniques, we teach you to apply Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) strategies to help you recognize the thoughts and emotions that are driving your compulsion.

With us, you will come to understand the root of your addiction and what drives you to pursue this escape from reality. It is this clarity, along with your hard work, that will give you the strength to heal and move forward.

Recovery is not easy. But with your will, the support of your friends and family, and our counselors, you can do it. You can regain control of your life and feel balanced again.

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