Family Counseling

All families are different. They include distinctive people with wide-ranging thoughts, concerns and feelings. Polaris Counseling appreciates the unique qualities of families and each of their members.

If you are experiencing stress or problems in your family, professional and caring support is available to you. We specialize in family counseling for Montgomery (IL), Oswego (IL) and Plainfield (IL).

Working with us, your family will develop stronger communication skills, more effective and consistent discipline, and better boundary setting within the family unit.

Our family counseling for Oswego, Montgomery and Plainfield also helps you come to know your children even better. You will gain insight into how to encourage more positive behaviors among your children and understand how to improve the quality of your interactions with them as well.

Montgomery (IL), Plainfield (IL), Oswego (IL)
Family Counseling and Co-Parenting

A break-up in a relationship with children doesn’t mean the end of parenting. Divorced couples or those no longer together still need to communicate and collaborate for the best of their children.

Agreeing on house rules and punishments is but one area that calls for common understanding and compromise. Our counseling for Plainfield, Oswego and Montgomery helps your family and your estranged partner become unified, cooperative parents in spite of your differences.

Oswego (IL), Montgomery (IL), Plainfield (IL)
Family Counseling and Blended Families

Blended families remain on the rise. Divorced parents who re-marry often combine their children under one roof. This can cause confusion and tension when applying family rules that often do not align, as well as when disciplining each other’s children.

Through our family counseling for Montgomery, Plainfield and Oswego, you create and follow a plan that merges both families’ beliefs and values. This results in less conflict and more harmony.

Montgomery (IL), Oswego (IL), Plainfield (IL) Family Counseling
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If your family is struggling, we want to help you become closer again. We will strive to make you feel welcome, respected and safe while devoting all of our energy to productive and effective treatment. Our family counseling process is here to help you and your family live better, more connected lives together.

To learn more about our family counseling for Oswego, Montgomery and Plainfield, contact Polaris Counseling at (630) 779-0751 today.

Polaris Counseling accepts most major insurance plans. Day, evening and weekend sessions are also available.