Women Really Do Fake Em’… A Lot!

A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that an estimated 25% of women faked an orgasm on a routine basis, 80% of women faked an orgasm about half the time when they were unable to have an orgasm, and an astonishing 90% of women faked an orgasm when they realized that they were not going to climax. The research suggests that “vocalizations” of sexual satisfaction are more of a conscious effort on women’s part to move the process along and get it over and done with, as opposed to an unconscious expression of sexual arousal. Ouch. On the positive side guys… 92% of the participants believed it boosted their lover’s self-esteem and 87% reported using these “vocalizations” for this reason alone. So at least your partner has your best interest at heart!

James Smithers, President of Polaris Counseling says this… “If nothing else, this study highlights how, (1) the sexual experience for the vast majority of couples is still largely male dominated and, (2) the social and cultural pressures for women seem to impact their sexual satisfaction more so than their partner’s. Sexuality for women is generally more diffuse than it is for men. Women prefer to be “eased” into sex and enjoy the process of being intimate, not just the act of sex alone. Consequently, women’s pursuit of sexual pleasure tends to require more time. This is time that many women don’t have. Women are stretched thin, and feel the pressure of balancing work and home life effectively. Bottom line, for women, “pleasing their man” and bypassing their own sexual needs kills two birds with one stone… it keeps their partner’s ego inflated and maximizes their time!”

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