A Debbie Levinson Success Story

As you will soon understand, I consider myself a “DEBBIE LEVINSON SUCCESS STORY”. I started seeing her in 2009 as a battered wife, separated and co-dependent with low self-esteem suffering from depression and PTSD. I think Debbie has a special rapport with women and has the ability, through her counseling, to empower them. In my case, we were also able to relate on a spiritual level thanks to our shared faith in God.

As part of my therapy, Debbie gave me what we called, “homework assignments.” They provided me opportunities to get in touch with my suppressed feelings and set goals in my life. My sessions with Debbie gave me the confidence to divorce my abusive husband and go from living in hiding at a friend’s house, to living on my own for the first time in an apartment and eventually purchasing a townhouse.

Early in our sessions, I was in “Survival Mode”. However, I now see Debbie on a monthly basis. With her help, I have set boundaries and am creating healthy friendships with both men and women. One of the most valuable things Debbie has taught me was that I don’t need a man in my life to survive. I am much happier now, confident that I can take care of myself and am looking forward to the future with optimism. This is why I consider myself a “DEBBIE LEVINSON SUCCESS STORY”. I thank God for bringing her into my life as a therapist. She is a blessing!

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