I Owe A Debt I Can Never Repay

I wanted to briefly share my experience at Polaris with my counselor Lisa. Especially in light of recent celebrity news of the passing of Robin Williams, I have been reflecting on the decision nearly a year ago to approach Lisa after a session she was having with my daughter. To this day I am still not sure how or why I got the courage up to open my mouth about the struggles I was going through. Over the first few sessions Lisa was able to find a glimmer of hope that things could maybe get better that I didn’t even know I had. She fanned that precious spark and led me to a place where I could eventually imagine that life did not have to be miserable. Her discernment and wisdom of when to listen, when to push, and exactly what steps I needed to overcome my despair were nothing short of miraculous in my life. Again, as I reflect back on the journey I have been through juxtaposed with others who have lost their battle with depression, I do not know what the difference was for me that day I spoke up. But I hope others can find a way to overcome the awkwardness, the fear, and the hopelessness that things will never change, and that they too can discover an organization like Polaris and someone whom I owe a debt I can never repay like Lisa. There is a popular song on the radio that has a line that says “I didn’t realize I was broken, until I wanted to change.” I had no idea how broken I was, I merely thought I was defective. The difference is one can be repaired, the other can only be discarded. With Lisa’s help and guidance I am on the road to being repaired and no longer think of discarding something I am now grateful for each and every day – my life. Thank you Lisa, and thank you Polaris for providing a safe place and showing me the way back to life.

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