I Have Found Her Method To Be Very Effective

I come from a background of military service where open discussion of mental performance and emotions was difficult for me. I currently work in a stressful field and realized my performance was being degraded not due to my professional knowledge or physical abilities, but my stress levels and mental function overall. I sought assistance from Elizabeth not fully sure of what I needed. Over a number of sessions, I discovered my problem was an issue of perspective and poor mental habits instead of some abstract “defect” and also that these habits were much older than I originally thought. We were also able to work out a number of tangible solutions I could implement in everyday life and it has helped immensely. What I like most about Elizabeth is that she strikes an excellent balance of guiding the discussion and letting me arrive at insights on my own as well as offering feedback and resources. I have found her method to be very effective particularly since I like to figure things out for myself. I would strongly recommend her for anyone struggling with performance issues particularly when they stem from stress, anxiety, or confidence sources. I feel like I am much more effective in my job and as a person overall for having worked with Elizabeth.

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