¡Le Prometo Que No Se Decepcionarán!

“He sido cliente de la Dra. Salas por un par de años. Ella es muy entregada, conocedora de su profesión , y muy dulce. Mi experiencia con ella a lo largo de los años me ha ayudado a ser más creativa en el manejo de mis situaciones o personas que no puedo controlar sin importar la situación. Utilizando las diversas herramientas me ha enseñado a no ofenderme con facilidad, sino a redirigir mi pensamiento a algo más positivo. Si USTED desea resultados positivos de una terapeuta confiable y certificada, le sugiero que consulte a la doctora Salas. ¡Le prometo que no se decepcionarán!”

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A God Gift Of Answered Prayer

“After so many years of trying counseling with other therapists, I can finally say I have found a counselor that I can talk to and who genuinely listens. Dr. Rosa Salas is a God gift of an answered prayer during a time of darkness I was going through, and I was so desperate to find someone who would be the right fit for me. I said out loud to God “I need to talk to someone, or I will die” but I didn’t want just anyone, I wanted a therapist who believes in God with Christian principles. When I went to my first appointment, I looked around the office and to my surprise she had biblical scriptures placed in her office. I said in my mind “wow, God you amaze me! Thank you, Lord!”. She gives terrific feedback plus exercises to work on and provides a level of security and trust, which makes each session relaxed and productive. You are a blessing! Thank you, Dr. Rosa Salas!”

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¡El Caso De Mi Marido Ha Sido Aprobado!

“Rosa me ayudo a tomar unas therapias para el caso de immigracion de mi esposo. Al tiempo nos llego una carta del gobierno de que el caso de mi esposo ha sido APROBADO! Le quiero dar las gracias por su ayuda y lo que hizo por nuestra familia. Muchas gracias!”

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¡Ha Sido Una Bendición!

“Me gustaría comenzar por agradecerle mucho por escuchar y ayudarme. Estoy muy agradecida de que mi trabajo me haya enviado a usted porque ha sido una bendición. Me ayudó mucho en encontrar ayuda y en brindar el apoyo que yo quería y necesitaba. Mi madre siempre dice que por sus frutos conocerás a la persona y puedo realmente decir que es usted una persona maravillosa por dentro y por fuera. Le deseo bendición en su vida. Definitivamente la referiré a mi familia y amigos. Fue flexible y comprensiva. Gracias una vez más.”

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Un Regalo De Dios Y Una Respuesta A Mis Oraciones

Después de tantos años de tratar a otros terapeutas finalmente puedo decir que encontré una consejera con quien puedo hablar y que realmente escucha. La Dra. Rosa Salas es un regalo de Dios y una respuesta a mis oraciones durante un tiempo de oscuridad por el que yo estaba pasando, estaba tan desesperada por encontrar a alguien que fuera adecuada para mí. Dije en voz alta a Dios “Necesito hablar con alguien o moriré”, pero no quería a cualquier consejero, quería a un terapeuta que crea en Dios y que tuviera principios cristianos. Cuando fui a mi primera cita, miré alrededor de la oficina y para mi sorpresa ella tenía escrituras bíblicas colocadas en su oficina. Dije en mi mente “¡Wow, Dios, me sorprendes! ¡Gracias Señor!”. Ella brinda excelentes comentarios y ejercicios para practicar y trabajar, además ofrece un nivel de seguridad y confianza, lo que hace que cada sesión sea más relajada y productiva. ¡Eres una bendición! ¡Gracias, Dra. Rosa Salas!

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You Have Gone The Extra Mile

“I would like to start out by saying thank you very much for listening and helping me. I am very grateful that my employer referred me to you because it has been a blessing. You have gone the extra mile in trying to find and giving me the help that I wanted and needed. My mother always say you can tell the tree my its fruits, I can truly say that you are an awesome person in the inside and outside. May blessing pour for you in your personal life. I would definitely refer my family and friends to you. You were very accommodating and understanding. Thank you once again.”

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I Promise, You Won’t Be Disappointed!

“I have been a client of Dr Salas for a couple of years. She is very passionate, knowledgeable, resourceful, and down right just a sweetheart! My experience with her over the years has assisted me in becoming more resourceful in handling things or people that I can’t control no matter what the platform. Using the various tools has taught me to not be offended, but to redirect my thinking to a positive. If YOU want positive results from a reliable and certified counseling, I suggest you check Doctor Salas out. I promise, you will not be disappointed!”

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I Have Found Her Method To Be Very Effective

I come from a background of military service where open discussion of mental performance and emotions was difficult for me. I currently work in a stressful field and realized my performance was being degraded not due to my professional knowledge or physical abilities, but my stress levels and mental function overall. I sought assistance from Elizabeth not fully sure of what I needed. Over a number of sessions, I discovered my problem was an issue of perspective and poor mental habits instead of some abstract “defect” and also that these habits were much older than I originally thought. We were also able to work out a number of tangible solutions I could implement in everyday life and it has helped immensely. What I like most about Elizabeth is that she strikes an excellent balance of guiding the discussion and letting me arrive at insights on my own as well as offering feedback and resources. I have found her method to be very effective particularly since I like to figure things out for myself. I would strongly recommend her for anyone struggling with performance issues particularly when they stem from stress, anxiety, or confidence sources. I feel like I am much more effective in my job and as a person overall for having worked with Elizabeth.

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