She Was The Angel I Needed

“I was recommended to see Elizabeth in June 2012 after going to the clinic for anti-anxiety medicine. It was clear to myself and the doctors that I needed therapy. I went to Elizabeth mainly to deal with my anxiety issues. It was affecting my work, personal relationship and my social interactions. I wanted to be a better mom to my daughter. I was scared at first. I was having panic attacks about going and verbalizing all my fears. Walking into her office for the first time put my nerves at ease. Her warm smile told me everything was going to be okay. Elizabeth made me feel comfortable talking. I have never been one to express my fears, but in her office I felt safe.

Even though I felt comfortable with Elizabeth, therapy is no cake walk. I was asked to deal with issues that scared me, but Elizabeth never pushed me beyond my comfort level. In the past year, she has given me notes about our sessions. She recommended that I keep a journal. In my journal I keep every one of her notes. Each note is relevant to one of our sessions and they remind me of how much I have changed from therapy. The notes give me courage to continue fighting that good fight. In December, Elizabeth gave me a worksheet to fill out about my childhood. It was then that I found where my anger came from. That was a huge breakthrough for me. Elizabeth helped me face that fear of anger and how to let it go and not keep it as my security blanket. She has helped me to create a cognitive shift. I will never forget when she told me that. It was a big moment for me. I have learned that anger is a cover up for my hurt. I have learned that violence is not the answer and that I do not have to fear the unknown. I am able to face all my anxiety now. I used to fear so much that I was lashing out or would become an introvert.

With Elizabeth’s help, I can now fly by myself. I can face confrontation with assertiveness, not anger. It is during those situations that I can hear her voice in my head telling me how to respond. I love those moments. It reminds me why I went to therapy to begin with. I went to make a change no matter how scary or hard. Elizabeth has helped me to make that change. I have a better relationship with my partner and daughter. I am not perfect but I will continue to work with Elizabeth to become a better person. She was the angel I needed for so long. Because of the positive experience I have had with therapy, I always recommend people to go. Therapy does not mean you are crazy or weak. It means you are courageous to face your fears and make a positive change for yourself.”

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