Polaris Counseling is Now Offering Teen and Parenting Groups!

Do you have a 6-12th grader that is struggling with low self-esteem, poor academic performance, acting-out behaviors, depression or anxiety?

Are you at a loss about what to do, and how to help?

If so, you are not alone! At Polaris Counseling, we understand the value of combining professional guidance with the support of your peers. Through our cutting edge groups, you will learn the skills necessary to change your life and the lives of your loved ones for the better, while developing long-lasting bonds with other people that can understand, validate and help you overcome your struggles.

Check out our two new groups for the Fall!

TWEEN POWER! (6th-8th graders)

Be an advocate for your 11 – 14 year old son or daughter. Sign them up for a six week self esteem boosting, anxiety reducing program. They will learn ways to manage their time, learn about personal responsibility, and how to make positive peer choices and engage in good decision making. They will also learn when to say “no” and how to ask for help, along with other key essentials to being a happy and successful tween. Help them believe in themselves and enjoy being who they are!

Join Polaris Counseling and Lisa Banner-Januszyk, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a child & teen specialist, for six weeks as she helps your preteen navigate the waters to success and confidence.

For more details or to sign up click here!

SURVIVE & THRIVE! (Parents of 6th-12th graders)

Get the facts and get real life practical solutions to not only survive, but thrive with your teen through those tough adolescent years! Join Lisa Banner-Januszyk, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and child and teen specialist, and other parents in this six week parenting group. Get the answers to your questions, and learn how the demands of being a parent, spouse, employee, sibling and friend can all effect our parenting styles and our relationship with our children. Feel supported, get ideas from other parents that are struggling with the same issues, and develop proven, better ways to navigate the changing waters!

For more details or to sign up click here!

We can help. We care. Come join us and take charge of your life!

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