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Polaris Counseling is Now Offering Teen and Parenting Groups!

Do you have a 6-12th grader that is struggling with low self-esteem, poor academic performance, acting-out behaviors, depression or anxiety? Are you at a loss about what to do, and how to help? If so, you are not alone! At Polaris Counseling, we understand the value of combining professional guidance with the support of your […]

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How Can I Get The Help I Need Without Feeling Worse About It?

Question: I’m in high school and everyone sees me as happy and perfect. Really, I have symptoms of an eating disorder, pretty bad self image and have cut in the past. I can’t tell anyone because I don’t want to let anyone down – especially my friends and family. How can I get the help […]

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Spending Time With Dad Improves Self-Esteem In Teens

A recent study from Pennsylvania State University found that teens who spent more time alone with their fathers had higher self-esteem and the more time they spent with their dads in a group setting, the better their social skills. The study, published in the Journal of Child Development, found that kids spend less and less […]

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