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Free Media Management Workshop for Parents!

Technology: It’s become the fabric of American culture, yet it’s availability and influence on youth is more widespread than ever before. Children and youth spend an average of 40 hours per week in front of a screen, and more than 50% of surveyed parents report being concerned about the amount of time their child uses […]

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What To Tell Our Kids About The Sandy Hook Shootings

In the aftermath of the horrific events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week I felt it important to address how we as parents can help our kids process what happened to the 20 beautiful children and 6 teachers that lost their lives in this unimaginable tragedy. Our first instinct, as parents, […]

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Schoolyard Bullying: No Longer the Stereotype

A recent study commissioned by CNN and conducted at The Wheatley School in Long Island, New York, set out to understand more about the bullying epidemic that is consuming our schools nationwide. The study included more than 700 students who were given a survey with 28 questions on aggressive behavior four separate times throughout the […]

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Josh Powell: The Psychology Behind the Killings

By now, most of you are probably aware of the tragic events that took place on February, 5th of this year when Josh Powell was granted a supervised visit with his children at his home in Utah. After his children entered his home, he closed and locked the door to prevent the social worker from […]

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Another Politician, Another Scandal. Why?

The recent allegations of sexual harassment and assault by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain are just the latest in the long line of political sex scandals over the last several years… and what a long line it has been. Among others, we have seen the political careers of John Edwards, Elliott Spitzer and Anthony Weiner […]

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Gaddafi is Dead. Reason to Celebrate?

One of the world’s most ruthless and notorious dictators is dead. Maummar Gaddafi’s 42 year reign of oppression and terror ended yesterday in his home town of Sirte as the people of Libya realized their long and bloody fight for freedom. No one can deny the enormous sense of jubilation and justice felt on the […]

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